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A stormy Winter Session of Parliament concluded on 23 December. While it saw the passage of several vital legislations, we unfortunately witnessed five trends that plagued the Parliament’s functioning. These trends strike at the heart of a deliberative democracy and its legislative machinery, warranting a close look and some thought. 1. Undue stalling of parliamentary […]

World leaders and climate negotiators from 195 countries are in Paris for the 21st Conference of Parties Summit (COP21), with the intention of hammering out a new international climate deal. Over the years, little has been achieved in our fight against climate change. While the current greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are already close […]

The third India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi concluded on 29 October 2015. It is time that India begins work towards elevating the partnership with Africa and move ahead from the lofty ideals and grand vision statements. A conscious effort to shift gears and pour in investment in Africa is the need of the hour.

In the mid 90s, Bihar was famously gripped by a parallel mafia government that controlled dealings relating to land, mining, sand, liquor, excise, forest etc. The mafia not only utilised the levers of the government to further their interests but also ensured that officials’ postings were short lived; this meant investigations initiated against them bore […]

On 21st September, an India Today sting operation exposed the dealings taking place in the shady by-lanes of Chandni Chowk and Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi, where crores of rupees were being channelled from New Delhi to different parts of Bihar through the hawala route. With rumors of candidates spending anywhere between Rs 2-6 crore […]

If you are an Indian politician, it is critical that you come across as naturally insensitive or inconsiderate. The ability to swiftly make crass and regressive statements is now a vital and indispensable skill every Indian politician must strive to master through an unwavering level of commitment and practice. And if you are one of […]